Pet Boarding


Pet Boarding rates

Pet boarding is a flat rate of 20.00 per pet per day. We do offer discounts if you have 3 or more pets staying at the same time. You receive 10% off the 3rd (and up) pet. 


1 pet = 20.00 per night

2 pets = 40.00 per night

3 pets = 58.00 per night

4 pets = 76.00 per night

5 pets = 94.00 per night

Payment is collected at pickup but we welcome prepayment if you prefer to do so. 

We also offer long term boarding discounts of 10% off your entire stay when you book 30 days or more. These bookings require payment on drop off. 

What do we include with boarding?

Every pet in our care is provided with access to fresh clean water 24/7. 

We provide all food bowls and a raised canvas pet bed for dogs in kennels, or a soft fluffy crate mat for pets staying in a smaller cage (cats, ferrets, etc.) 

With your permission we also provide treats and toys to enrich your pets stay with us! 

We TRY to provide daily updates and photos of your pet during their stay, and we always welcome owners to call or text to check in with us about your pet! 

What is required from you for your pets stay?

Due to the widely varying dietary needs of each pet as an individual we require that you provide all pet food for your pets stay. Should we run out of the provided food, we will purchase more (in as small a quantity as necessary to fulfill the feeding needs for the remainder of your pets stay) of the exact food you provided for your pet. The receipt will be attached to your pets bill and of course any remaining food will be yours to take home.

All boarding pets MUST be up to date on vaccines with a minimum of rabies and bordatella on file with us. 

You are also welcome to provide your own treats and toys, but we prefer you do not bring your own bedding as we do not have large washing machine capabilities to clean up if your pet messes. 

Boarding FAQ

Q. Can all of my pets stay together in one kennel? 

A. Yes! We have the ability to open the outside kennels up larger to accommodate several pets in one kennel, as long as they get along and are from the same family! 

Q. Do cats have a suite, or do they stay in a cage? 

A. Cats are currently kept in cages in our grooming room. The cages are open all night for free roaming and closed only when we have grooming clients in the grooming area. 

Q. Do I provide my own litter box? 

A. Yes please. Cats are creatures of habit and using your pan and litter makes them feel so much more comfortable than having a strange box and litter brand. 

Q. My dog's bordatella vaccine expired last week, can I still bring them to stay? 

A. We do have bordatella vaccines on hand for purchase here at our kennel. Any pet who is not current within 6 months of their stay may purchase a vaccine for 15.00 and our vet tech will administer the vaccine. 

Q. What are your procedures if there is an emergency during my pets stay?

A. We ask for your personal veterinarians info, as well as an emergency contact who is local. We will make all attempts to contact you first, as well as to use your preferred veterinarian, however in the event of a true emergency we will go to the nearest available veterinarian while we attempt to reach you and/or your emergency contact.