New policies and procedures to keep everyone safe during COVID-19

Pet check in, and pick up

When you arrive to drop off your pet, please place them in the first outdoor kennel that is closest to the air conditioning unit. 

Remove all of your pets collars, leashes, flea collars and harness. Anything that has come from home needs to be removed from your pet and taken with you. 

Please return to your vehicle, and wait for Brandy to come check your pet over. If any consultation is required she will stand at least 6feet from your vehicle and communicate with you through your open car window. New clients will be given the new client forms to fill out at this time also. 

Brandy will then take your pet(s) inside, once she is inside and the door is closed you are free to leave. Or stay whichever you prefer, but you may not leave your vehicle except to collect and drop off your pet(s). 

There will be no admission into the building by non staff members for any reason during COVID 19 shelter in place orders. 

We will call you with at least 15 minutes notice that your pet is nearing completion of services. We must strictly enforce that you arrive no later than 15 minutes after the given pick up time to collect your pet as we need the time between appointments to thoroughly sanitized all surfaces and kennels you and your pet has come into contact with. 

Payment will only be acceptable in cash or paypal, link for paypal provided on this page. 

If you are paying by cash you will place your cash in a provided envelope and clearly label it with your name and the dollar amount within (this is to protect yourself as well as our staff from missing currency) and place the sealed envelope in the mailbox attached to the building. 

Thank you for understanding our process during this unpredictable viral disaster. We cannot wait until this is over so we can resume welcoming our client family into our building to stay with their pets during grooming. 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card